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Helping business owners and burnt out HR professionals with their HR emergencies

Wing woman services....

“I already know the impact your wing woman services have had on me personally, as well as the countless other founders I know who have found you invaluable.  Part therapy, part coach, part HR, part legend!

Ellie Hale

Sarah led an engaging training day…

Sarah took the time to understand our line managers’ challenges, crafting a personalized training session that aligned with our policies and goals. She led an engaging training day where managers learned about effective leadership, meaningful conversations, and how their actions impact employee experiences. With newfound skills, our team is now better equipped to address performance issues early on. The result is a more confident and capable team, eagerly awaiting the next training opportunity

Giovanni Andrew

I needed an expert who understood we were small and feeling our way…

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah when we were taking our first steps towards hiring an employee. It was a dark area of unknown for me, so I needed an expert who understood that we were small and feeling our way. Sarah was like a shining light through all of the unknowns. At the end of our meeting we had a full idea of what we needed to do, what we didn’t have to worry about, and how long it was all going to take.

Since then, Sarah has advised us countless times, checked over our job advert and drawn up an employment contract.

I am going to avoid platitudes, suffice to say, we have an HR company looking after us now, and of course it is Mayday HR. If you are considering speaking to an HR person, then stop right now and speak to Sarah. It’s not just hat you won’t regret it, it’s that if you don’t you’ll never know peace of mind like it.

James Kelly, CmdShiftR

I cannot recommend Sarah enough…

Not only is her HR knowledge unrivalled but her patience, support, and teaching has proved invaluable to our business. Sarah has helped us with everything: from crafting improved policies and contracts, which reflect our people-centric agency in the best way; through to coaching us through difficult situations and ensuring we could be compassionate as well as compliant. Thank you, Sarah!

Hattie D’Souza

Sarah has exceeded my expectations on every interaction!

As a young entrepreneur, with no prior experience of hiring and maintaining a team, being able to discuss things with Sarah has taken a huge weight off my mind. She not only explains every decision making process, followed by the correct procedure, she also adds a personal touch. By explaining what she might do and what outcomes could come of that. She also strives to understands my business and my needs, before working on possible solutions and then offers tangible options/outcomes.I highly recommend working with Sarah, whatever journey you may be on. My team have been much happier since working I’ve worked with her! Thank you Sarah!

Helena Traill

Sarah has been an invaluable source of knowledge, advice and support for me...

Whilst running my business and my team. Her approach is practical and efficient, complimented by a deep understanding of HR and a focus on solutions. Trustworthy, personable and experienced: a perfect fit for my small business and a vital support for myself as a business owner.

Kelly Scales

Sarah has been tremendously generous with her talent and her time.

She’s helped pull together a clear and concise handbook around maternity leave and has given me tons of advice based on her HR insights. Helpful, friendly and lovely to work with.

Susannah Dale

Sarah was a real pleasure to work with and provided huge reassurance to my small organisation in managing our HR issues. Her attention to detail is second to none. I would definitely recommend Sarah.

Anonymous, High profile client

Mediation is not the easiest of topics to get right but...

Sarah did just that and indeed she got it just right. From the outset Sarah took the time to understand our employees needs and dealt with the situation in a seamless yet professional manner ensuring our employees understood the process and what to expect. Sarah ensured that both employees felt comfortable and was on hand to answer any concerns they may have had before the session. I cannot recommend Sarah enough thank you again for your great support.

Rebecca Eyre

Sarah has recently delivered a managing within the law HR training course to our management team and also wrote our new employment contracts. Sarah is the ultimate professional, keeps things simple and easy to understand. I’d highly recommend Sarah for all your HR needs.

Lorraine Ali