Your Needs

Beyond Crisis Management:
Equipping You for Smooth Sailing

Explore Mayday HR, let’s navigate the skies of HR together.

Burnt out in-house HR professionals, you’re not alone in your struggles, and I’m here to support you. I’ve walked in your shoes, juggling the demands from all sides, leaving little room for proactive initiatives. I understand that sometimes it feels like there’s just too much “stuff” to handle.

Small business owners, especially those on the brink of hiring their first employee or those who launched with DIY HR templates, I’m here for you. You’ve got worries about the unknown, and you’re determined to get it right without draining your resources.

In-House HR Professionals: Let me be your specialist wing woman, allowing you to focus on the day job.
Savvy Small Business Owners: Act now to prevent HR headaches later. Partner with me to build strong foundations that reduce the likelihood of an HR crisis happening.
HR Consultants Seeking Specialisation: Elevate your service by collaborating with an experienced specialist for complex, time-intensive tasks.